Witten sets TE record in Cowboys loss

Cowboys tight end Jason Witten began his season with a lacerated spleen, and finished with a record.
But mostly, heís glad he still has a chance at the postseason.
Witten caught his 103rd pass of the year in yesterdayís overtime loss to the Saints, breaking the single-season tight end record set by Tony Gonzalez (102) in 2004.
ďItís hard to enjoy that,Ē Witten said, via Todd Archer of ďTen years playing obviously the goal is to get in position to try to compete for a championship, but itís probably a little more sweet this year than any of the records just because of the way the season started for me and to feel like the bar gets raised higher and higher every year. To kind of answer that bell, itís special. And nobody lost confidence in me and I didnít lose confidence in myself. Iím sure itís something Iíll look back on and say, ĎBoy, Iím glad I took that approach and it paid off for me.í
ďIt means a lot because thereís been so many great tight ends over the years that Iíve got respect for.Ē
Witten has one more chance to add to that record, next week against Washington, when they have a division title and a playoff berth on the line.